Construction and execution of the real estate will be divided into four phases for reasons linked to the funding and to the operational plan.

Phase one will consist into generating a Multiple funding strategy, creating the legal platform, stabilizing and finalizing the Master Plan, initiation with permits.

Duration will be from the Symbolic Cornerstone on June 6 until end of October 2017

Phase two will consist of finalizing the landscape , water basins for waste and rain, Electric and hydraulic installations, execution of the main building which comprises the public areas including the reception, the B SPA , the breakfast area, the boutique and the central rooms.

Duration will be from November 2017 until end of March 2018

Phase three will consist of a soft roll of operation, obtainment of licenses,  soft opening of the main building, execution works on the town house / chalets , the restaurant opening , and the inauguration of the swimming pool . Catering and logistics for venues and ceremonies will be put in place to welcome guest and their families and friends .

Duration will be from April 6 until end of November 2018.

Phase four will consist of the town house opening , the logged homes construction and operational mode, and ultimately the real estate full view and completion with gardening and magical fountain.

Duration will be from December 2018 until end of April 2019

1st May 2019 will be the second milestone , a major BIG BIG DAY .