Short Summary

The Project will be built on the land lot 605 located in SFARAY town in South LEBANON. It will consist of a mixture between agriculture and hospitality. An Eco Lodge,  resort and fruit farm.


  • Environment friendly and protected green hill
  • human talent and dedicated services
  • awesome retreat
  • unique spot and great scenery
  • fine dining and massage therapy

The Business

After the obtainment of the authorization for terrain deforestation and change of its scope to become a territory cultivating fruit trees, such as Avocado, Olives , Lemons and Almond, the thought was spontaneously and genuinely directed to develop also a visitors recreation area. The public area will include living units sleeping couples and families, 3 of them have been named Almond, Lemon and Olive, all built from wooden house materials. And there will also be a restaurant , catering for in house and walk-in guests. Covered with solar panels houses will be overlooking the swimming pool, around which sunset cocktails will be served.This purpose is to spur luxury in soul searching and in natural beauty. A roof bar will embellish the attraction, available also for events booked on exclusive basis.

The Financial Architecture

A shareholders company structure will be available for subscribers/investors at a Lebanese attorney premises as soon as August 2017 , where  interested parties can have access to all legal documents and timelines.

The Market

The market of hospitality in the Middle East is destined to grow and there are many indicators enabling the project to engage for excellent opportunities and successful budgets.


The project is in process and there will be several built-in systems, for concrete slab, sewage treatment, central heating, administration, main water source collection and tank. The experience is unique, as it is a full immersion in a friendly Eco lodge, where visitors will savor the true wander of exploring the authentic hills of a traditional hometown located in JEZZINE CAZA, in South Lebanon: SFARAY.


Upon completion of the construction phase, opening services will target a mix of customers , having provenance from the rest of the world in 80 % of the cases, and 20 % from the Middle East. We will need a Michelin Chef and a highly qualified General manager with an effective sales and marketing director.

The Team

So far we have a lead consultant in landscape , Master of Agriculture. Lead architect is a well known study in the Middle east. The branding lead will be featured by a famous marketing company, The General manager will have a financial background, while operations will be directly supervised by trained experts.

The Deal

Looking for US 2,500,000 – Min per Investor US 250,000
For every Two Hundred fifty thousand dollars we will give away 10 per percent of equity in this starting phase that will end in November 2017 that includes all prospected revenues.


Earn up to 7% yearly returns from a $ 250.000 investment starting year 3

106% buy back option from years 4 – 10

Share your own room for free at least 7 nights per year , while families and friends benefit from special discounts for lodging.

For any questions or required documents, kindly send an email to


Capital Needed
Investment Raised
Previous Rounds US8,000
Stage Pre-Startup/R&D
Investor Role Soft Involvement