The Symphony of SPACE

Located in South Lebanon the town of Sfâray with coordinates: 33° 33′ 18″ North, 35° 29′ 34″ East , is a typical Lebanese village immersed in natural spots surrounded by hills and situated in a unique panoramic position. Albeit ultimately there was an upgrade to the seismic hazard assessment of the region, the risk consideration is consistently a safe bet.  The area is under Jezzine Caza administrative control and part of the southern governor-ate. It was affected by multiple emigration drains either to foreign countries or simply to the urban cities, because the population couldn’t sustain its living.  Thus the main aspect of the Club is to generate a landmark attraction, and give a reason for people and passers to stop by, and contribute to the local consumer spending.

Sfaray Country Club is a start up project that will be built on the land lot 605 located in SFARAY town in South LEBANON.
It will consist of a mixture between agriculture and hospitality, in an environment friendly concept.
After the obtainment of the authorization for terrain deforestation and change of its scope to become a territory cultivating fruit trees, such as Avocado, Olives , Lemons and Almond, the thought was spontaneously and genuinely directed to develop also a visitors recreation area.
The public area will include living units sleeping couples and families, 3 of them have been named Almond, Lemon and Olive, all built from wooden house materials. And there will also be a small restaurant called The King, catering for a limited number of guests. Covered with solar panels houses will be overlooking the swimming pool, around which sunset cocktails will be served.
This purpose is to spur luxury in soul searching, in genuine preservation and in natural attraction, that much beauty. In a sentence it is: The Symphony of Space.

The project is in process and there will be several built-in systems, for concrete slab, sewage treatment, central heating, administration, main water source collection and tank.
The experience is unique, as it is a full immersion in a friendly Eco lodge, where visitors will savor the true wander of exploring the authentic hills of a traditional hometown located in JEZZINE CAZA, in South Lebanon: SFARAY.