The experience is unique, as it is a full immersion in a friendly Eco lodge, where visitors will savor the true wander of exploring the authentic hills of a traditional hometown located in JEZZINE CAZA, in South Lebanon: SFARAY.
Art will have its lion part , as visitors will be given the opportunity to produce a painting made out of 52 squares, the number of weeks in a year. Each painting once finished will be displayed in the museum of the Country Club.
Courses of Zen, Yoga, poetry, mini-golf, horse riding and why not geopolitics, will be featured upon request by outsourced experts.
SPA & Fitness relaxing sessions and nutrition diets will be performed on the spot, delivered by professional leisure experts.


Picture courtesy of Cavallino Equestrian club

utre Our desire is to achieve a state of the art project of fine rural hospitality that meets and exceeds expectations of visitors, loyal expatriates and connoisseurs.

In walking around the managed territory and the protected hill, you can pick your own fruits, hop on a mountain bike and/or visit the surrounding hills and farms.

Holistic seminars and retreat activities will be regularly organized .

Refreshments and fresh drinks will be available for all walk ins, to savor a true hospitality.